Meet the Initiator

Uma Nnenna – Founder/Host ReadABookNigeria Initiative

Uma Nnenna is a respected Writer and Entrepreneur with a deep interest in books, writing and reading. She is committed to proving that knowledge is indeed power, and readers are powerful.

She desires to see a Nigeria where child prodigies are an everyday encounter, and believes passionate reading has a huge role to play in bringing this to fruition.

Running a number of businesses, yet still able to give back through TheBookDiscus and The Learners Agency; sub-sects of the ReadABookNigeria Initiative, which she up-scaled to accommodate and promote the Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria as it concern those sectors she is deeply passionate about.

She has written over 30 flash stories, published two YA novellas: The Essay and A Trip to Mars with Marcia among others, and has a YA novel in waiting.

She currently lives in Abuja, Nigeria and prides in her circle of friends which includes Social Entrepreneurs, businessmen and influencers in various sectors.

We should also mention, she loves startups and offers herself freely to help make those dreams a reality, including sharing her story.

And we would also like to let you know she is very much still an undergraduate, though has been off school for a while to focus on other goals she found more pressing.

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