Developing 2019 Calendar

Welcome to 2019!

I am so excited for the new year, and yet another opportunity to explore old and new tools towards quality education in Nigeria. This year I returned to school to get a degree in English Language, and it will also be affecting how RABNI’s calendar for the year will look like, and how much I can do. However, that in no way means I will be doing less, Ill actually be doing more, just differently.

RABNI’s Core for 2019

At the centre of our vision board this year is Project Based Learning, and surrounding it are key words such as:

  1. Developing critical thinking
  2. Developing lifelong learning skills
  3. Creative expression
  4. Research

these four will inform what kind of programmes, projects, events, tools and partnerships we utilise this year in achieving quality education both in formal and non-formal settings in our little corner.

Repeat programmes such as our annual Event to mark International Women’s Day on March 9, and TEDEd Club will hold, and the plan and schedule will be rolled out in due time. We are also introducing a lot of research this year. So far this is what is confirmed to be done in 2019 in no particular order:

  • Ed Research on Literature and a lifelong learner
  • Twitterstorm “Not Dumb, Just Different
  • International Women’s Day Event
  • TEDEd Club for the children in IDPs
  • Book Drive
  • TheBookDiscus

We hope you can be a part of one or all of the above, we are always welcoming volunteers and inquiries, always willing to share our results and findings so reach us anytime!


Founder, ReadABookNigeria Initiative (RABNI)

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