Workable is a innovative approach to design thinking in the area of teaching. It is a Peer to peer platform where both certified and non-certified teachers can:

  • Gain new insights for teaching 
  • Access teaching opportunities
  • Earn bonuses from knowledge sharing

Teachers are brought together on topics that they care about the most, thought leaders can share knowledge, anyone can ask questions and the community offers answers relevant from different contexts.

This community also serves as a tool of Research and Development for RABNI.

All disciplines are welcome, across primary and secondary levels. 

Open to both certified and non-certified teachers. 

What to expect:

  • Access to teaching grants and other forms of support
  • best practices for teaching from across the world
  • Research findings for better teaching
  • Networking with teachers 
  • Access to tools, resources and references from RABNI. 
  • Rewards and bonuses for sharing your knowledge, you can also share experiences and ask questions 

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