RABNI’s 2018 TEDEdClub comes to a close!

July 9th 2018, 3 months after RABNI took on the challenge to run a circle of TEDEdclub in Abuja in partnership with TED-Education as a tool for fostering quality education in Nigeria.

TED is an organisation that identify and spread noteworthy ideas even the simple stuff as being courageous to breathtaking technology, supporting the notion that every idea no matter the size can contribute to global development.

TEDEd is an initiative of TED that supports students ideas worth spreading…why wait till they grow up? Even children have worthy contributions to making the world a better place and we at RABNI absolutely agree!

April 2018 we took in a total of seven students from different educational backgrounds, academic levels, religion and social status within the age bracket of 11 to 15. See them below:


3 months of getting to know each other, themselves and gaining a better understanding of the world around and using the prescribed TEDEd Idea book under the guardianship of Uma Nnenna. They are set to present to you their ideas for a better world, and from seven we came down to five:

“I am so grateful, and proud of these five because it hasn’t been an easy 3-months. I am especially grateful to their parents for the consistency and dedication despite the many challenges. We had two students pull out because their parents just did not wish to go through these challenges which is completely understandable; we met at a public park for the most part, and were faced with safety concerns from a political unrest that was threatening at that very location to rainfall disrupting some of our meetings.” says Uma Nnenna who led the club meetings.

“for a parent to go through all that, and still hold on to the impact within this initiative for their wards is just really humbling.” she went on. “and I can say these ones will never remain the same. They’ve learned not only how important their voices and actions are to making the world better, they’ve learned the place of integrity in innovation, they’ve also learned resilience in the face of challenges which will almost always accompany any task they take on. I look forward to the adults they’ll become.”

RABNI invites you to come listen to these young minds share their ideas worth spreading. Register your attendance here


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