Book Discussion Throwback to April 2016


The session began with a ball catch-and-tell game. The question asked
by our host Benjamin Dankaka was:
‘What was the most exciting experience of your week?’
For him it was his birthday last wednesday well spent with his family.
Mr Nwafor had an enlightening outing with the Mandela Washington
Fellows and interacting with the individuals with a hearing
Mr James re-appraised his life so far and discovered he needed to
start bringing to life some very old dreams.
Miss Nnenna was delighted to have met some Venture Capitalists and more.

We moved on to the book and varying opinions shone; from
‘I wasn’t impressed. But I enjoyed the biographies” to…
“This isn’t your regular Robert Greene’s work and quite remarkable.”
Mr Benjamin Dankaka gave more insight to his picking ‘Mastery’ to
discus leadership and touched a bit on the 48 laws of power, Art of
Seduction and the reality of them in our society.
In his organisation, Leadership has been broken down and likened to a
journey. From first contact, to research, then introduction, to
passion and then the point where you can act courageously.

He says anyone can be courageous, but it only depends on how important
that thing you’re trying to save is, and how passionate you are about
it. He likened it to the desire for a bride and progressed to the top.
When you have reached that goal, Integrity is then needed to sustain
it. Without integrity you will lose in an instant all you worked hard

Someone asked ‘Why does Integrity have to wait till you are at the top?’
Another asked ‘So when you master a craft and climb the ladder using
crook means, but getting to the top realised integrity is the only way
to be sustained, how do you then imbibe integrity without losing
This progressed the discussion into Integrity in the life of a leader.

The summary of the next one hour on integrity and mastery as a leader
came to the following conclusions:
* Spending more time on a skill will definitely make you better at it
than everyone else, and examples such as Mastercraft, Ronaldo etc were
*Spending so much time to master a craft that isn’t what you’re a
passionate about is a life well wasted, so its important to work hard
on the right thing so fulfilment is guaranteed professionally and
*As a leaders we ought to henceforth imbibe integrity or risk losing
all we’ve worked for.
*If you have walk thus far using crooked means, repent to your
employees, set a new standard and be their example.
*When partnering, hiring, collaborating look out also for virtues or
risk having to walk away from you hardwork when both ideologies do
clash, or you may have to compromise.
*Be a master at your craft, spend hours on it, read about it, listen
to it, talk about it, meet others like you. Spend time with your craft
and mastery will be your accomplishment.

After rounding up, we stopped by to play a game and unfortunately none
that tried at it could win. But then the little guy who owns the stand
just kept winning at it. And there we confirmed mastery, again. Of
course that boy was so good because he did nothing else but play it
all day!

Leaving the park, one participant retired back to his office to spend
at least three hours at his craft.

Its a month where we are charged be masters of our crafts and leaders
with integrity.


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