Book Discussion throwback to May 2016

Highlights of TheBookDiscus May 2016 – The Art Of Public Speaking


To start off the discus every participant shared their first experience speaking in public.
The most common experience were nerves; one participant said he was so nervous sweat covered his entire face and he could hardly see the person in front of him.
Another told the group that despite being the brightest in class when he was called upon for a presentation he couldn’t alter a single word and he had to be taken off the stage eventually.
We also had an experience where one person lost a position due to insufficient preparation for a speech, while another said mostly nothing compared to his opponent but it got it anyways due to his relationship with voters.

Overall there was not a single pleasant first time experience public speaking, and for most it hasn’t gotten better because they either avoid it all together or endure the fright each time they have to.

Next we moved on to some valuable tips from the book we read as guide to preparing our talks ‘The Art Of Public Speaking’ by Dale Carnage.

Moving over to the book talks which were recorded and you will find them on our Facebook page in the course of the week.

First up was Uma Nnenna talking why your business will fail on the book E-myth.
Next up was Arnold Afolayan talking getting over your past and being the best with the book You Can.
Bulky Tikare took us through taking up new experiences with The Accidental Public Servant.
Joseph Umeh went on the proven benefit of reading on the book Gifted Hands.

and finally we had James Ona seal it all with ‘Feel the fear, but do it anyway’ and he talk on the book Feel the Fear but Do it Anyway!

We ended the discussion with rating our presentations and how good we felt it was, plus what didn’t work so well, then we received feedback from the audience on what they thought about our talks.

Finally, Arnold Afolayan a public speaker by profession gave us some real life valuable tips to making our presentations work every time and ensure our goal is achieved.

It was indeed a time each participant and audience will remember.
The talks were recorded in series so each participant gets to watch himself, and so you get to meet those books too!

Thanks for attending, for reading with us despite your distance and for growing with us.

This month’s theme is “Get your history on!”
If you know us, then you should know by now that we make learning cool.
Some benefits:
You become cooler, smarter, more intelligent and can hold an intelligent conversation without getting sweaty.


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