Jan 21st Meeting with New Volunteers

Last Saturday saw us meeting six new volunteers willing to dedicate a portion of their time to either TheBookDiscus, The Learners Agency and other events. We still look forward to more volunteers so do reach out to us if you want to come on board! Best Regards

Book Discussion throwback to May 2016

Highlights of TheBookDiscus May 2016 - The Art Of Public Speaking To start off the discus every participant shared their first experience speaking in public. The most common experience were nerves; one participant said he was so nervous sweat covered his entire face and he could hardly see the person in front of him. Another told... Continue Reading →

Book Discussion Throwback to April 2016

The session began with a ball catch-and-tell game. The question asked by our host Benjamin Dankaka was: 'What was the most exciting experience of your week?' For him it was his birthday last wednesday well spent with his family. Mr Nwafor had an enlightening outing with the Mandela Washington Fellows and interacting with the individuals... Continue Reading →

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