For Literacy Practitioners and enthusiasts!

RABNI for 11 months worked as Community of Practice member at Project Literacy to develop tools that will foster literacy acquisition around the world. Five tools were developed, and we specifically contributed to the Educational Technology Guidance document ...

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Introducing RABNI Research!

Introducing #RABNIResearch This research is one of our top projects for the second quarter of 2017 and we are very excited to share it with you.   Here's the deal First, we've experienced how unprepared and incapable most Nigerian graduates are in fulfilling job requirements and this has nothing to do with them not being... Continue Reading →

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Thanks For Visiting Us!

It is always a pleasure to have someone drop by at #ReadABookNigeria's online space. You may just be curious, interested in books or want something else we offer, whatever it is, thank you for coming! feel free to contact us if you need additional information #ReadABookNigeria Initiative

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RABNI’s 2018 TEDEdClub comes to a close!

July 9th 2018, 3 months after RABNI took on the challenge to run a circle of TEDEdclub in Abuja in partnership with TED-Education as a tool for fostering quality education in Nigeria. TED is an organisation that identify and spread noteworthy ideas even the simple stuff as being courageous to breathtaking technology, supporting the notion... Continue Reading →

TEDEdClub visits Ventures Park Abuja

May 26th and June 2nd 2018 RABNI's TEDEdClub meets at Ventures Park; a curated co-working facility for tech startups and the kids not only had a great time today touring the facility, but it also providing them a new environment to rehearse their talks. Visit our Facebook page for photos.

Call for Volunteers!

Sign up here As the 3-month circle of our TEDEdClub in partnership with TEDEd draws to a close, we are girding up our loins for an epic closing event where all selected students will present their TEDEd Talks live to an audience. During this event, all talks will also be recorded and sent to TED... Continue Reading →

Its finally here!

  RABNI's TEDEdClub starts this Saturday! And it is going to be an exciting 3-month period for these young minds as they will be guided to identify, explore, innovate and speak on the things that matter to them the most by Uma Nnenna - Founder/Host ReadABookNigeria Initiative (RABNI) "We are not going to wait till... Continue Reading →

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